Aptitude tests

for 4-year study courses

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9,00 – 9,30 Registration
9,30 – 11,00 Still life drawing according to the compiled template
11,00 – 12,00 Lunch break
12,00 – 14,00 Free topic according to the selected field of study
The exam consists of: still life drawing, free topic
Free topic:
8630 M Animated creation – opictorial story (comics), focused on spatial imagination, developed into 4 – 6 drawings in their own art style
8604 M Graphic design – artistic solution: initials of proper name, theme focused on graphic and spatial thinking
8610 M Clothing design – dress or costume designs according to the specified theme
8637 M 01 Visual and sound creation – camera, sound, editing – pictorial story (comics), focused on spatial imagination, elaborated into 4 – 6 drawings in own art style
Homework: drawing, painting, photography, film (CD, DVD,…), at least 20 works made at home
Admission requirements: successful completion of a talent test
Information: tel: 02/6241 1668
fax: 02/6252 4313
Tuition: 180 EUR/month
Enrollment fee: 250 EUR / is paid once before starting school
Talent fee: 20,- € (Pupils who have taken the talent exams on time and have not been accepted have free talent exams.)
The participant in the talent exams can obtain from the four above-mentioned disciplines 80 points at most, ie. 1 discipline – up to 20 points. To successfully pass the talent test, it is necessary to obtain at least 50 points.


Our school provides talented students, mainly from children’s homes and from socially weaker families, who cannot afford to study, with the opportunity to complete their studies free of charge.

Pupils outside Bratislava can individually arrange accommodation in youth homes – SOŠ technická (Vranovská 2, Vranovská 4), Školský internát Račianska 80, SOŠ polygraphic (Račianska 190) and a private Youth Home Krupa DM (Pekná cesta 4). Pupils apply for accommodation directly at the selected youth home.

Dormitory on Pekná cesta – possibility of accommodation.
Information about accommodation
Application form for admission to a boarding school on Pekná cesta