Image and sound production

Camera, sound, editing


Study programme 8637 M 01 Image and Sound Production – camera, sound, editing is focused on students’ preparation for current needs of media industry. The programme directly responds to new technologies, practices and techniques of filmmaking. This programme is for students who recognize the moving image as an expressive force uniquely important to modern life. The Academy of animation offers all needed professional knowledge aimed at artistic and technical skills required for the work with camera, sound and editing. Students develop their creativity while gaining the specialized skills they need to bring their ideas and vision to life on the screen. Moreover, students also acquire an understanding of new technologies and computer programmes like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut, Adobe Audition, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Flash and Adobe Photoshop, which enables them to stay current as the industry evolves. The study includes mastering of audio work from primary sound to the final sound. Furthermore, students develop and apply practical skills relating to microphones, recording systems with an emphasis on editing, arranging and mixing sound and using it in a particular film. In image and sound productions students achieve technical competency with various industry-standard software, camera, grip and lighting, and recording technologies. The emphasis is put on skills in professional environment as cameraman with authorial approach. Editing is focused on motion dramaturgy and commercial audio process. Through lectures, students develop individual skills in moving-image communications and learn the aesthetic principles governing the art. Students further their learning of visual and sound artistry through hands-on experience with camera and sound equipment. The goal of the study is to arouse sensibility to both music and sound relations as elements of film work understating. In addition, dramaturgy mastering is also one of the goals.


General education subjects:

Slovak language and literature
English language
Ethics / Religion
Basics of ecology
Physical education


Special subjects:

1. History of art culture
2. Economy
3. History of film, radio and television
4. Dramaturgy and screenwriting
5. Projections and analyzes
6. Art preparation
7. Art studio
8. Pictorial work
9. Sound production
10. Audiovisual techniques
11. Photographic creation and practice
12. Computer graphics and practice
13. Studio of audiovisual production and technology
14. Adobe After Effects