EU Projects

Modernisation of the teaching process

The project is covered by the EU and coordinated with the Slovak Ministry of Education for the Bratislava region and other regions. It consists of two main projects – modernisation of education in primary and secondary schools. The main goal of both projects is to prepare teachers for a new school reform. The goal is to innovate and modernize the contents, methods and results of the teaching process for 21st century workplace and schoolplace. Over 6850 teacher of primary and secondary schools were involved. The project is aimed at primary and secondary school teachers, developing digital skills, modern didactic methods and to raise the level of ICT knowledge in specific subjects.


The education is realized in 3 modules:

Modul 1: Teachers’ digital skills – skills in Word, Excel, desktops and laptops

Modul 2: Modern didactic technique in the teacher’s work – the aim of the module is to introduce teachers to modern didactic techniques (IKT) and their effective use during teaching. Teachers also learn to work with pictures, animations, graphs, multimedia, sound, photography and music. It also included the internet and digital devices. Teachers hone their skills in modern devices such as interactive board, dataprojector. For better cooperation among teachers social media, blogs, chats and other means of communication are also presented.

Module 3: Using IKT in the specific school subject – creating one’s own didactic IKT resources and incorporating them into the lesson.


Electronisation of the library


In order to improve the services of the school library we use an integrated library system called  CLAVIUS that offers various benefits: catalogues, which form the spine of the whole system and makes it easy to keep track of all publications, music pieces, audio and DVD periodicals. Electronic catalogues also enable easy and effective work with the individual titles – reservations, loans etc. Another benefit is the www catalogue that offers easy and simple on-line search using key words, from the comfort of one’s home. The students and teachers can thus search and reserve books without the need of visiting the library in person. CLAVIUS also offers a detailed list of readers. The system saves a complete backlog of users (dates, fees, reminders, notices, reservations) as well as a history of the individual documents. It also included a complete statistics that inculed a report, diary and a chart of the most desired documents.


Sound bank

Databases of audio and video files have to be obtained from their owners, the search is painstakingly difficult and the service is mostly paid. A sound bank would serve the students of our school as well as the general public. It would constantly update with new sound and video files.